Keep or Toss? A Rule for Retaining Financial Documents

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After some research study I consulted with an expert on the subject, Steve Bliss a San Diego Probate Lawyer, discussed it like this. Are you stressed over an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax audit? Does that worry make you keep records too long and clutter your living quarters? It is time to de-stress if a mountain of financially related documents is threatening to overwhelm your space and your sanity. File storage past a certain time is unnecessary.Generally, the guideline of thumb when it concerns saving files is to keep them for 3 to six years. The IRS can investigate your income tax return for mistakes for approximately 3 years. Wills, trust files and income tax return need to never ever be discarded; instead they ought to be kept in a safe and protected place, such as a fire proof safe. More than 25 percent under-reporting of your earnings increases the ceiling for an IRS records demand to six years.

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If your tax return is supported by a specific document, keep the document for six years after the return is submitted. Keep financial declarations for stocks, bonds, and funds for six years.If you do electronic banking, such records are available digitally anyway for a specific duration of time, and you can ask for copies from previous years, usually for a small cost. Bank statements must be kept till the end of the year. The very same holds true of retirement strategy declarations.Keep energy bills for a month, unless you have an office and require to calculate annual utility expenses for the portion of your house booked for business activities.


If you are employed, keep pay stubs up until you get your W-2 from your company. The same thought procedure applies to sub-contractors. A clever way to keep receipts is to connect them to your guarantee, and then discard both when the warranty ends, unless you need them for insurance coverage functions.

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